5 Ways To Cope With Mommy Stress

As a new mom, I obviously knew my life would be way different after having my son. Not necessarily that it’s a bad change.. it’s just you put yourself on on back burner and don’t even realize it sometimes cause you’re too busy momming. I never really thought about the fact that after becoming a mom I’d have to plan when I’d be able to get in the shower, do certain things, miss out on things, because I couldn’t bring my son, not get to really lounge around and be lazy, sometimes finding time to clean can even be hard. It’s okay to want a break sometimes, it’s nothing to feel guilty about. You still need to take care of you. That’ll always be the most important part of taking care of your kids, is taking care of yourself. I have thought of 5 Ways To Cope With Mommy Stress for you, and asked some other moms to share how they cope with handing daily stesses, while taking care of kids. (below)

1.Ask for help

You can’t do everything alone. It’s important to have a support system; whether that be through family, friends, a mommy support group, your partner.

2.Play uplifting music

Music is a known stress reliever and it can make you feel more alert and positive about life.

3.Take a break

Make sure your kids are safe, or while they’re napping and step away for a few minutes to decompress. Don’t feel guilty for needing some time for yourself.

4.Take care of yourself

Dedicate some “me time” every day. Something that makes you feel good and is just for you.

5.Have a child-free night

If you can, try and schedule a date night with your partner or go out with friends. It’s important to spend bonding time with your spouse to help keep your relationship strong. It can really help to give yourself a night off from your mom duties and not feel bad about it.

How some other moms said they cope with stress:

“Naps, walking away and breathing, alone time once my husband gets home and he takes over, trips anywhere by myself, lol πŸ˜‚ a long bubble bath πŸ›€πŸΏ most of these things I can’t do with any peace and quiet until my hubs is home of course”

“Honestly, working out and taking walks outside are great stress relievers for me ❀️”

“We can’t do anything without God. Ask Him in morning prayer to help you with whatever you will be needing.”

“So I’m a workaholic but I thrive in what I do, so time to myself includes doing my work uninterrupted πŸ˜† otherwise kayaking, rock climbing, sometimes even just sitting on the couch or taking a nap depending on the day :)”

“Listening to music helps me.”

“Music, baths, collecting pets πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ”

“Music most of the time.”

“Workouts before they wake up, meditation, Getting outdoors, grocery store trips by myself πŸ˜†I live a glamourous life!!”

“Yoga and baths after she’s asleep at night.”

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