Live More;Worry Less (6 Affirmations to stop worrying)


Hello beautiful friends! Welcome back to Goals & Good Vibes! I wanted to come on here today to talk about how life can get really hard sometimes. So hard, that we may be so stuck on what’s next or how we’re going to get by in the next week, the next month..that we forget to live. I have found that nothing changes when I worry. In fact, it creates a lot more panic that probably sets me back further. That worry can make it feel like there’s no solution. Most likely, you’ve done everything right, but you were dealt a bad hand. Problems, after problems keep arising and it almost can feel impossible. It’s in those moments where I now challenge myself and whoever this resonates with.. to stop for a second and take a deep breath, and tell yourself it will all work out and be okay. Do something that brings you joy or gives you peace of mind. For me, that would be play with my son, read a book, watch a movie, write this blog post, and I’m sure I could think of something else to do. Sometimes you just need to refocus your attention on something else for a little bit, and maybe pick back up after you feel calmer. I know that works best for me. You will figure the hard things out. Things really will get better. Don’t let circumstances define how great you think your life is. Be happy in the midst of the chaos. And no, not toxic positivity happy.. Just truly at peace knowing it will pass & you’ll get to the other side stronger for it.

6 Affirmations to help you stop worrying:

  1. Letting go of worry is becoming easy.
  2. I will be free from worrying.
  3. Every day I become more and more relaxed.
  4. I will let my worry go because I know that obsessing about it doesn’t solve it.
  5. Relaxing my mind is transforming my life.
  6. I will approach my worries calmly.

(Affirmations are most effective when you say them with confidence and belief and repeating them often helps create that belief.)

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