9 Practical Personal Growth Tips

Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes! I’ve been on my own personal development journey for a few years now. I’ve been trying to learn about myself and my triggers, what my beliefs are, what my passions are, who I am, how to be my best self, and the list goes on. I believe people have limitless potential to grow and learn. You will never know everything, you won’t be good at everything. Life would honestly be so boring if we just knew everything already and there wasn’t anything to discover or impove upon. I do believe, we choose our life plans and heartaches/struggles in advance before we come to this earth to heal and change our old patterns and triggers. (You don’t have to think that way, but it makes a lot of sense to me.)

I wanted to share 9 Practical Personal Growth Tips that might help you on your own personal growth journey.

1.Take a new class or course

Taking an online course, or trying out a new class is a great way to learn a new skill and gain new knowledge.

2.Find your creative side

Doing creative work gives you time to get to know yourself better. It opens your mind and can also be a relaxing practice. This could include; making music, painting, free dancing, designing, coloring, writing. When I started becoming more interested in finding myself, I started painting and really got into it at the time. It feels good to create something cool out of nothing but a paintbrush and an idea.

3.Ask questions

I live by “No question is a dumb question.” If you don’t know something, ask. I usually ask google. Not every answer you find on google is going to be true, so you have to be careful and make sure you do your research. Since i’m always seeking ways to grow or improve, I have an unlimited resource of information. You can find almost anything you want to know online. From tutorials, DIY’s, Self-help.. the list goes on..

4.Read inspirational content

Reading in general is a good way to gain knowlege, but on a personal growth journey you will want to add some postive encouraging sources of inspiration to your daily routine. This could be: self-help books, words of affirmation, motivational quotes. I also love listening to podcasts which work if you don’t have time to read, but could squeeze in a 10 minute podcast during your morning commute, or while in the shower then by all means, do that.


5.Overcome your fears

All fear does, is keep you in a place of safety, and comfort. We don’t want that on a personal growth journey. In order to grow, you need to do things out of your comfort zone, or that scare you by taking risks. (not life threatening risks; within reason risks.) Don’t remain stagnant, and get out of your own way.

6.Incorporate good habits

“What if instead of solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. Let your pile of good grow. ” -unknown

Not everything we do is going to be ‘good for us’ and that’s really okay. Its a balance, friends. Like the quote says, don’t worry about solving your whole life. Start incorporating healthier foods, exercise when you can, drink your water, engage in positive self-talk intentionally, set aside time for a morning/night routine, rest when you need it.

7.Quit a bad habit

Do you have any bad habits you can work on? Most of us can say yes. A bad habit is considered a negative behavior pattern.

This can include: smoking, procrastinating, drinking, negative self-talk, biting your nails, overspending.

8.Set Goals for yourself

I like to set daily goals for myself by making a to-do list for the day of the things I want to get done. But, I also recommend setting bigger goals for yourself/your life. It gives you a sense of purpose when you’re working towards something.

9.Heal past wounds

Is there anything from your past that you still carry with you? Are you aware of any triggers you may have? Have you ever wondered why you react certain ways, or believe certain things?

I’ve been very aware of my reactions/triggers lately, and I still can’t control them every time. That’s because these wounds are deep inside. It’s not healthy to move past a traumatic event or experience like it never happened. You have to take steps towards healing. Sometimes, it takes a lot of inner work to figure out what you need to work on from your past.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you’re on a personal growth journey too! 😊


7 responses to “9 Practical Personal Growth Tips”

  1. Great read! I’ve gotten a few things from this post that’ll definitely help on my journey.

    • Thank you soo much! sorry the mobile version isn’t showing me all comments, when I logged in on here I saw yours wasn’t accepted yet. I hope your personal growth journey is going well πŸ™‚

  2. We keep learning. Even at my advanced age I am growing. Just realized all I have is right now. Yesterdays are behind me and I can’t change them in any way, tomorrow I may not wake up, so today is it. All the best to you, Muriel

  3. Love these tips! Take a class, read inspirational things, quit a bad habit, and the rest, all great advice! As long as we learn, we grow. If we stop learning, we stop growing. Lovely post, Jessica!

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