30 winter self-care ideas

“This year i will love the work

in progress, that is me.”


During the winter months, we tend to neglect ourselves and our needs because it’s the holiday season and we’re “busy”… but when did it become ok to be too busy to take care of ourselves? Most of the time, we’re busy doing for everyone around us but forgetting about ourselves. Try and slow down this season and try one of these “30 winter self-care ideas out for yourself! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Watch holiday movies – put on your favorite Christmas movie and relax.
  2. Make your favorite homemade soup.
  3. Take a walk outside on a sunny day!
  4. Wear a pair of warm fuzzy socks.
  5. Bring some life inside- get some house plants!
  6. Drink your favorite warm drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) – perfect for a cold winter day!
  7. Journal your feelings.
  8. Plan a cozy night in.
  9. Play in the snow -build a snowman or make snow angels.
  10. Bake your favorite holiday treat.
  11. Light a candle.
  12. Move your body in some way with exercise.
  13. Wear a comfy sweater
  14. Practice being present, mindful, & grateful.
  15. Take a warm bath – with candles, wine, & some music
  16. Get up and dance to your favorite playlist.
  17. Cuddle with your pet, kids, or significant other.
  18. Listen to a podcast.
  19. Take your vitamins.
  20. Reflect on the past year.
  21. Set intentions for the upcoming year.
  22. Stay hydrated! drink plenty of water 🙂
  23. Spend time with a friend. – it’s good for the soul!
  24. Take a break from your phone. – after you finish this list! lol
  25. Give to others.
  26. Read a book – snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket & get your read on.
  27. Do a hydrating face mask!
  28. Build a cozy inside fort with pillows, sheets, and blankets – perfect for kids or a date night.
  29. De-clutter your space – helps your mood if things are more organized.
  30. Do a guided meditation.

I hope you enjoyed these 30 winter self-care ideas! Try to do atleast one nice thing for yourself each day! If this list helped you, please share it with a friend so it can help them as well!

Happy holidays!! – Jessica


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