Renewal & New Beginnings


Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes! It’s no secret if you follow me on Facebook, I’ve been going through a lot. Things kind of just piled up more since that and the difference now being, I’m not going to let it bring me down again. I haven’t made a post on here in awhile.. but I’ve had family tell me they don’t know why I do this blog, because nobody reads it. That’s the kind of “encouragement” I’ve dealt with my whole life. I may not have a crazy amount of followers, but I’m proud of the ones I have and the effort I have put into building my own website, not even just this page for my blog. Too many people define success as the amount of followers you have or money you make. I’ll be happy if I’ve related to atleast one person and I’m glad to build my blog organically and reach the right people who could use some motivation, advice, tips, or a pretty nature picture here and there. Success to me is doing what I love and being happy.

I titled this “Renewal & New Beginnings” because I’m letting go of anyone toxic in my life and moving forward, I’m doing what’s best for me and my family. I actually feel like I’ve been gaslighted and told how “sensitive” I am since I was younger. My feelings were always dismissed and invalidated. I don’t feel sorry for myself, because I finally have the strength to fly on my own and the only validation that matters to me is my own. I trust myself. Anyone reading this, I hope you know how capable you are and how amazing you’re doing. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. Allow yourself to cut ties if need be, and start anew. You got this. We got this. 🙌 WE MATTER.

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  1. Best of luck with the new phase of your journey!

  2. The Sicilian Storyteller – New York – Daughter of Sicilian immigrants, wife, mother, grammy, friend, empath, dreamer, storyteller, singer, musician, author, plant rescuer, cook, lover of family, food, wine and The Beatles – the toppermost of the poppermost 🖤✒︎
    Nancy Richy says:

    Well now, this is what I call “perfect timing”. Good luck to you and good news to us! 🌟

  3. Dutch Lion – Chicago, IL – My real name is Reid but they call me the "Dutch Lion". This is a mainly a sports blog with sports analysis, previews, predictions, and recaps. However, I sometimes write about other topics including books and music and even comedy. Thanks for checking out the "Dutch Lion"!
    Dutch Lion says:

    Great stuff. Good luck Jessica! PS I tried to “Like” this post but it wouldn’t let me.

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