Countering Toxic Positivity (repost)

“Some days are just hard.” Perhaps you’ve encountered people who are always telling you to always “look for the good”, or to always “focus on the positives”.  But if you’re dealing with betrayal, or a serious loss, toxic positivity won’t help you at all. In fact, it might leave you feeling even worse. What is […]

Countering Toxic Positivity

Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes… This creator made some good points ..hope you don’t mind I reposted this 💜 very well written!!

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    • I’m not sure how to fix it…I think right now you can only follow through the reader page… If anyone knows how to fix it. 😭 thank you so much btw!! If you type in goals and good vibes maybe it will pop up in the reader search bar… 💜

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