New beginnings & new experiences 💜


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

-Oprah Winfrey
Let’s make 2022 our year, because we’re capable of doing everything OUR minds or other people tell us we can’t. We CAN!

Hi everyone! 💜✨🌈☺ Welcome back to Goals & Good Vibes! I don’t know about you but this year I’m feeling all the feel good vibes and I’m taking back my power, you should do the same! Pursue your passion like no other and go for what you want even if it’s just by taking small steps towards whatever your goal/goals may be EVERY DAY! I have always loved writing things down but I never stuck with a to-do list, or made new goals to accomplish for the new year..none that I really would pursue. A lot of us make the resolution to get healthy every year, but we find it too difficult and give up two months into the new year because we don’t know how to stay motivated or what moves to do to get the right results, and may even try every diet under the sun..(when all you need is flexible nutrition & a regular exercise routine and accountability.) This year, I’ve made it my mission to be able to follow my passion of inspiring others and growing my fitness business so I can help other women reach their fitness goals & their overall potential really, and find self-love for themselves and their bodies.

With that being said…

I want to personally invite you to the online workshop I created called 28 day Self-Love Project! I created a series of worksheets, daily affirmations, journal prompts, challenges, and extra bonus goal is to help guide anyone who needs help with recognizing their true worth and develop a better self awareness for what they want their life to be like and who they want to be. If you’d like to check that out, the link is right below. You can find more info about that self-love project and my fitness group in the menu page at the top of the page.

Don’t underestimate your abilities!

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency! Even if you want to do something, and you are a complete beginner at it… take the steps to learn more about it. Consistent steps in the right direction will get you to where you want to be. You will improve at what you focus on and put effort into! Don’t let another year go by wishing, instead take ACTION. Getting to your goals takes time but don’t forget that (as cliche as it may sound), you really really can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Even if you don’t think you can or you’ve told your goals to others, and didn’t receive positive reinforcement back.. They don’t have to believe in you, for you to believe in yourself.✨💁

Say YES to any opportunities to help you grow! You’re amazing as you currently are in any present moment, but as humans we are meant for more. We’re meant to expand and become better versions of ourselves every day..our experiences in life present us with many chances to learn and grow..if we look at them as so. It’s not weird to try to look for the deeper meaning of things and find the lesson in them. I wish you love, light, and abundance this year; and to focus on taking care of yourself & making YOU a priority! Now go make your dreams or goals happen one day at a time! It’s all in you & you have the power!! ✨💜

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