National Be Nice Day ☺️

Hello! Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes! I’m not one to keep up with every “National Day” there is, but when I come across one that goes perfectly with my blog’s niche.. I can’t pass it up. October 5th is observed as “National Be Nice Day!” It goes without saying this is something we should be doing in general, and not just on some random day of the year.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

-John Holmes

This day is a great reminder to focus on spreading kindness by doing something nice for someone else to make them smile. Doing good deeds from a pure hearted place has the power to change the world. Bonus points if you do something without expecting anything in return. You will feel good making someone else feel good.

“It takes so much energy to be mean. It takes much less to be nice.”

-Leah Thomas

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