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I’ve included all of my self-love posts in one place (links below) and the self love workbook I created for $25 (if anyone wants to try it and give me some feedback 🥺🤸‍♀️) I really did spend so much time putting it together & it was my first time doing anything like that. Listennnnn!! You need to learn to love yourself and don’t let anyone shake your self worth, self esteem, discourage you. Be confident. Be you. I had a family member try to rain on my parade a million times. Not very supportive about my blog, my online fitness business, my choices of parenting and breaking generational cycles. Still going to do what I want. Nobody else has to believe in just have to believe in yourself and know you know best for your life. Check out all the linked posts below for more self-love goodness.

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Self-love workbook

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