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Hey! Welcome back to Goals & Good Vibes. I made some personal reading goals for myself on my 29th Birthday. Knowing I’m not a huge reader, unless it’s on a screen.. I decided only to read these 4 books before I turn 30. I made a whole list of things to do before I turned 30… this goal is the one I wanted to focus on today. It took me most of the year to start, but I started reading one of the books the other day. I think the fact I got so far in this first book..If i keep it up, I may be able to read all four by this upcoming February 4th. (My 30th birthday!)


Since this blog is called Goals & Good Vibes, I figured I should talk a little about my goals here and there. I think it’s important to have goals. They can be small goals for yourself, or big ones. It’s up to you! It helps me feel accomplished once I complete a goal I have set for myself.

Does anyone else have any goals set?

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  1. cav12 – Award-winning author of historical fiction and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, likes to meander between contemporary life to the realms of mythology and history. She has spent many lessons promoting literature and the merits of ancient history.
    cav12 says:

    I’ve been setting goals at the beginning of the new year and post my progress on my blog. It’s helped to keep me accountable for what I’ve aimed to do.

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