My Reading Goals 📚

Hey! Welcome back to Goals & Good Vibes. I made some personal reading goals for myself on my 29th Birthday. Knowing I’m not a huge reader, unless it’s on a screen.. I decided only to read these 4 books before I turn 30. I made a whole list of things to do before I turned 30… this goal is the one I wanted to focus on today. It took me most of the year to start, but I started reading one of the books the other day. I think the fact I got so far in this first book..If i keep it up, I may be able to read all four by this upcoming February 4th. (My 30th birthday!)


Since this blog is called Goals & Good Vibes, I figured I should talk a little about my goals here and there. I think it’s important to have goals. They can be small goals for yourself, or big ones. It’s up to you! It helps me feel accomplished once I complete a goal I have set for myself.

Does anyone else have any goals set?

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  1. I’ve been setting goals at the beginning of the new year and post my progress on my blog. It’s helped to keep me accountable for what I’ve aimed to do.

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