Out of the rut-my gofundme page link ✌(update)


UPDATE:: So, since this post the other day, that night Chris, my fiance was in a motorcyle accident and is now out of work and was the only one working. Any help that anyone can give us would be so much appreciated and I thank anyone who is able to help, even just by sharing […]

Out of the rut-my gofundme page link ✌

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  1. LaShelle – Tea drinking, mountain living, wife, and mother. Writing and photographing my way through through the south.
    LaShelle says:

    Oh my goodness how awful! I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Praying for you both and hoping your go fund me page is successful

  2. I will pray for you that you overcome this challenge and move to an higher level in your life 💜👍 stay strong.

  3. Dutch Lion – Chicago, IL – My real name is Reid but they call me the "Dutch Lion". This is a mainly a sports blog with sports analysis, previews, predictions, and recaps. However, I sometimes write about other topics including books and music and even comedy. Thanks for checking out the "Dutch Lion"!
    Dutch Lion says:


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