Tranquil Tuesday🌾🏚- picture of the day & 5 Affirmations for hard times

Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes! Happy Tuesday! This weekend was pretty scary. My fiance got into a motorcycle accident, he has very bad road rash, but he’s okay otherwise. Just very sore. We rested a lot today and this is actually a picture I took the same day. We took a ride to Mount Davis, which is the highest elevation point in Pennsylvania. This is just a glimpse of how beautiful the scenery was during our ride.

Things happen that are out of our control. Whether it’s an accident or something less severe than that. Things happen. It can sometimes be hard to find anything positive out of something that doesn’t go as planned or throws you off track a little bit, but usually there’s something valuable you can learn from any given situation. When you look for good things, the more you will notice them infront of you. Hope you have a great week ✌☮ Here’s 5 daily affirmations to help you get through tough times:

  1. I am a strong person and can overcome any setbacks.
  2. I’m managing well during this time.
  3. I’m not going to be dealing with this my whole life and can handle temporary discomfort.
  4. I’m a positive thinker and know good things are happening.
  5. Knowing that I’ve been through difficult times before, is proof that I can get through this challenge.

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