National Fitness Day-12 Ways To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine 🏋‍♀️


“Health is not about the weight you lose, But about the life you gain.”


Hiii! 😊 Welcome to Goals & Good Vibes! Today happens to be National Fitness Day. As a fitness coach with Beachbody, I felt the need to chime in about how strongly I feel about the importance of working out and incorporating healthier habits, even if its slowly and one day at a time. It will add up. But anyway, In the United States, National Fitness Day is the first Saturday of May. It was created to encourage us to get our sweat on and celebrate strength and empowerment through fitness. So If you’re reading this, I hope that today you do just that. Celebrate what your body is capable of, not just today but everyday. Get up and do something physical that gets your blood flowing. You might not even know that’s what you need to feel better. When you move your body, it releases a lot of tension. Exercise also boosts energy, builds strength, and prevents certain health problems. It can’t cure mental illness, but I feel like it helps aide feelings of depression and anxiety for me. If you’re still reading, I challenge you to get up after you read this, and do 10 squats. That’s not bad, but it could be the start of a new routine for you. Let me know below if you do it in the comments. You can do more than 10 if you feel like it. I will do mine after I post this. I want to hear from you guys! 🙂

12 Ways To Incoporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine:

  1. Walk anytime you can (outside or on your breaks)
  2. Stretch during the day & before bed
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator if you can
  4. Don’t sit for long periods of time
  5. Find a fun activity that you like doing
  6. Take a hike or play with your kids at a park
  7. Try to exercise in the morning for more energy
  8. Dance to fun music
  9. Split up your workout (for example, if it’s a 30 minute workout do 15 mins the first time, and 15 mins later.)
  10. Exercise while you watch TV
  11. Stretch before you even get out of bed
  12. Use chores as an exercise- Deep clean or organize housework you’ve been putting off.

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