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Welcome back to Goals & Good Vibes, or welcome for the first time if you’re new to my page. So happy you’re here & I wanted to share some pretty awesome advice from my dad tonight. Since he passed, I’m happy to have something like this to look back on. I’ve never been influenced much by other people. You shouldn’t be either. Who cares what other people think or are doing? 🤔 BE YOURSELF & live a life that YOU LOVE & approve of. Take the road less traveled. Make your mark.

“Be a leader not a follower. Don’t take someone else’s road but instead make your own path.”

–Brian Lamb (my dad)

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  1. Roze – East coast of Canada – Hi, I’m Roze. I'm married to Razz, was previously a software analyst, raised 4 children, and joined the empty nest club 8 years ago. My 4 children and 7 grandchildren are the most precious things in my life. I'm currently on disability with chronic pain but my blog is my new 'work'. I enjoy reading, gardening, and all kinds of crafts but am unable to do as much as I'd like to though I do still love to crochet(even if it hurts).
    RazzworksRoze says:

    Your dad was a wise man. You are blessed to have this. Sorry to hear you lost him. My dad passed in 2010 but it feels like he was just here. It’s hard losing a parent. ((hugs))

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