You Can Move Mountains ⛰


You CAN move mountains. You can do hard things or something that seems impossible. If you believe you can do something, you can overcome all obstacles to get there. Nothing can stop you from your potential and your greatness. Have persistence. Have patience. Have faith.

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  1. Peace – United States – I am Peace. I am on a healing journey from childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and domestic violence in an intimate partner/long term marriage. If you are going through the same thing or know someone; I’m sorry…but…please know we have a voice and story to tell and we will survive and we will thrive! I am happiest when I can share my story to give others hope, validation, and encouragement as we move from victim to survivor to thriver. We have a story to tell and need to be heard. “I am here. We are here. Hear our voices loud and clear. We are silent no more.”
    Peace says:

    Love this! Thank you! The same to you, too! ✨

  2. LaShelle – Tea drinking, mountain living, wife, and mother. Writing and photographing my way through through the south.
    LaShelle says:

    I actually just wrote a post similar to this effect! Yes we can move mountains in our lives! Love this!

  3. Brandy – Cleveland OH – “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu
    Nova says:

    Believe it; and, achieve it. ☑️ Yes!!

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